sermon audio message description format:

Series Title/msg title: Series Topic

example: Colossians: Colossians 2:3-12

example 2: The Family: Focus on the Family

if there is no series title or msg title:

write: Single message, date

example: Single message, 12/03/2020

*make sure to do MM/DD/YYYY for consistency

if there is a series title but no series topic:

write: Series Title, date

example: Colossians, 02/13/2024

Do not put prefixes before someones name (like Pastor, Doctor, etc.)

Put: Dan Wetzel instead of Pastor Dan Wetzel (looks cleaner)

For guest speakers:

everything is the same except that:

if there is no title or topic:

write: Guest Speaker, Date

**in the event that Dan has not titled his message and has no title verses, write:

Name, date