Our Global Outreach ministry is an outgrowth of our understanding that we exist to glorify God and proclaim His greatness to all peoples. The command of Christ is clear that as followers of Christ, we are to “make disciples of all nations,” (Matthew 28:19-20). The greatness of God is to be proclaimed by His followers wherever they go as seen in Acts 1:8; Jerusalem (local proclamation) Judea and Samaria (regional/national proclamation), and to the end of the earth (international proclamation). 


We therefore pray for, encourage, promote and participate in global efforts to fulfill the Great Commission.  

We accomplish this through our unique evangelistic and disciple-making initiatives including: 


Local Outreaches

We provide opportunities and equip those serving from within the church to plant seeds for God’s Kingdom through various outreaches within the community: “physical” and “spiritual” food giveaways at local brat fries; sharing God’s love through song at elderly living facilities, through open church doors for July 3 Fisk fireworks, and through a Fall Festival open to the community.  

Gospel-Centered Outreaches

Understanding that not everyone is called to become full-time vocational missionaries, our church seeks to empower and equip those serving on the mission field. Therefore, we organize and send support teams (local, regional, national and international) on various short-term trips in‑order‑to encourage the missionaries on the front lines, help meet their physical needs and share in the joy of proclaiming the Greatness of God to all people!  

Shoes for Missionaries and Gospel Ministry Workers

Scripture (Ephesians 6:15) speaks of having our feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. Therefore, we seek to dress up the feet of those who give their lives to proclaiming the Gospel. Each year we provide shoes for missionaries and other gospel workers.  

The Gift of Giving

Each week and throughout the entire year, we seek to bless people from our community who are in need. This is a church-wide effort and a fun way for our families to experience the joy of giving! As God gave us the “gift” of His Son, we are honored to be able to “give” to others.